Rates Explained:

Club Members Airtime Cost: R0,89c perĀ  minute with the cash back option.

Club Airtime explained: For every rand of airtime a club member purchase he/she gets the exact same value back to purchase airtime again. eg R100 airtime purchase will net you a further R100 to purchase airtime again. R100 airtime purchased =R200 airtime

Club Members Data Cost: R89.50 per 1GB with the cash back option.

For example if you purchase 1GB you will get the opportunity to redeem data forĀ  the exact same value. For R179 you can purchase 2GB worth of data = R89.50 per Gb

Club Members Data Prices with “Money Back” Data Bundle Price
100MB R 15
300MB R45
500MB R 54.5
1GB R 89.5
2GB R 179